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For over 24 years we’ve helped Sit ‘n Sleep achieve its dream of being the #1 mattress retailer in L.A.

Since 1998, ideaology has helped L.A.’s #1 mattress retailer grow its sales over 700%. In the process, Larry Miller’s “freeee” and his accountant Irwin’s “You’re killing me Larry!” have become L.A. icons. Now, the next generation of Millers is ready to put L.A. to sleep. So we created a campaign that introduced Larry’s son Drew, ensuring brand continuity and sales dominance for decades to come.

Everyone needs a mattress Sherpa.


Let’s face it, the only thing most people know about mattresses is how to sleep on one. So we took that insight and launched an “Experts” campaign. Featuring real customers and the mattress experts who helped them, the campaign leverages Sit ‘n Sleep’s exclusive Bedmatch technology to differentiate itself and grow market share.

To be #1 in mattress sales, you have to know a thing or two about having a sale.


Nothing says “I’m in the mattress business” better than selling a lot of mattresses. With a robust broadcast deliverable schedule, ideaology produces monthly sales events across multiple platforms.

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