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For over 20 years, we’ve helped Hawaii’s #1 bank grow its market share and ad awareness. 

It’s a tough job – flying to Hawaii for 20 years – but somebody had to do it! In that time, we’ve helped Bank of Hawaii grow and prosper through every kind of storm, from 9/11 to the financial crisis of 2008 to the tourism-crushing Covid-19 pandemic. Today, we’re helping communicate the company’s transformation into a digitally savvy bank that can compete with any Fintech, but that’s deeply rooted in the island communities they serve. 

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Our people. Our Hawai‘i.

What makes Bank of Hawai‘i such an impressive company isn’t it’s ranking as one of America’s Best Banks or its #1 share in the market. It’s that Bank of Hawai‘i is home to exceptional people who represent the best and the brightest Hawai‘i has to offer. So what better way to earn the trust and confidence of the local community than to let these dedicated employees tell their own stories in their own words?  


When Covid made it unsafe to touch anything, we made touchless banking safe and fun. 

As part of Bank of Hawaii’s digital transformation, we’ve helped the bank launch all of its new offerings, from naming their new online banking tool, SimpliFi, to introducing their new contactless debit card to help customers bank safely during the pandemic.   

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