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When this food service giant needed to become a marketing-driven company, we had just the recipe. 

Golden West Food Group makes everything for everyone, from smoked meats for the Jack Daniel’s Brand to cinnamon rolls for Cinnabon and plant-based burgers for Impossible. And when they wanted to create and market their own family of brands, we were ready to get cooking. 

Meat District Logo.png

To launch Meat District Butcher Crafted Burgers, we created the Burger Shaq from Shaquille O’Neill.

America is a burger crazed nation, devouring over 50 billion burgers a year. But almost all of those burgers are made from generic chop meat. So we crafted a positioning around “Premium Butcher Crafted Burgers” and created a campaign called “The Better Way to Burger.” To top off our burger story, we got Shaq to promote this unique line of burger blends in his very own “Burger Shaq.”

Superfoods Blue.png

It was The SuperFoodsRx Diet, the New York Times Bestseller, that helped start the superfoods movement. Our assignment was to help launch a line of foods, nut butters and dietary supplements based on the SuperFoodsRx philosophy. So we created a campaign that brought the “super” in SuperFoodsRx to life. 

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When Golden West wanted to create a frozen line of gooey, cheesy snack food bowls, we came up with an out-of-the-frozen-box name and package design: Face Stuffers. Now, you’ll find Face Stuffers in grocery stores and microwaves all across America. 

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